Our Story

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple – legal professionals do not have the IT expertise necessary to confidently solve IT-related legal problems, and IT experts lacked the legal knowledge to address complex IT-related legal problem. Thus, we were presented with the questions: do you make an IT expert a lawyer? or do you train lawyers to become an IT experts? It turns out there was a simple solution to this problem. By combining the awe-inspiring forces of the legal profession with that of IT, we are able to provide high-quality, IT law related solutions, within a set time-frame at a fraction of the cost big firms would charge for similar legal services.

The main purpose of Securance is to enable people and organisations to realise that Cyber Law should take up its rightful place in the global and national legal landscape. Ultimately, Securance’s business model is not complicated – we simply provide excellent services, within a set time-frame at a cost-effective manner.

Meet the team

Verine Etsebeth

Director & Founder

A picture of Verine Etsebeth, an IT Law expert sitting on a chair and smiling

VERINE ETSEBETH is a senior lecturer at the Wits School of Law. Verine is an admitted attorney who did her articles in the IT law department of Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs Attorneys. She has a Masters degree in Law (LLM dissertation entitled “The Legal Implications of Information Security Governance”) (cum laude); and Higher Diplomas in Corporate Law (cum laude), Tax Law and Labour Law (cum laude).

Verine specialises in Information Security and data protection law, and is the coordinator of and a lecturer in Wits’ LLM courses in Cyber Law and Access to Information and Privacy Law. She has presented papers at numerous national and international conferences and has published articles in a range of local and international publications on the subject matter. To view some of here publications click here.

Stephen Havenga

Director & Founder

STEPHEN HAVENGA is talented at aligning corporate security architecture, schemes, controls, processes, policies and procedures with security standards and operational goals. The technological skills he possess include amongst others intrusion detection, vulnerability analysis and antivirus tools. He has experience working in mixed Windows/Linux, database and virtualized/physical server environments and knowledge of C, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, MySQL.

Stephen has a well rounded set of skills and perceptive, pays specific attention to detail, analytically thinking, with a willingness to develop skills, instinctive and persistent.

Stephen’s interests lie in the right to repair movement, scambaiting, heuristic learning algorithms, internet access as a basic human right; net neutrality; online privacy and the right to be forgotten.

Stephen is passionate about educating people to think critically about online goings on, be it scammers, trolls or trying to influence genuine users.

A picture of IT expert Stephen Havenga sitting on a chair

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