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How do we deliver?

We assist clients in using IT in a way that maximizes the client’s economic benefit while ensuring regulatory compliance. We pay specific attention to anticipating potential sources of legal claims that may arise. We pride ourselves on being available to our clients 24/7 anywhere in the country. We deliver outstanding services at a cost-effective rate within specified time-frames. All our clients are assigned the expertise of an IT Specialist and a Technology Lawyer

Securance furthermore provides all its clients with the following benefits:

a) Our pricing and proposals are completely transparent, so you won’t get any surprises.

b) Our implementation methodology has been tried and tested over the years.

c) We support independently accredited certification – you can use the certification body you want.

d) We have a proven and pragmatic approach to assessing compliance with international standards, no matter the size or nature of your organisation

e) You receive specialised one-on-one legal support to assist you in developing business value from your IT Law investments in your company.


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